Problems hearing WTOP?

Is Your Workplace Blocking Us?

If you are at work, the best place to ask for assistance is your local IT staff. They will be able to help you if a simple configuration change is needed to fix the problem.

Reception Problems?

Occasionally we have reports of poor reception, bad sounding audio and interference from other stations on 103.5 FM, 103.9 FM and 107.7 FM. This often happens in summer and is usually the result of something called “ducting”.

Atmospheric layering caused by temperature, dew point and pressure can create a “duct” for the propagation of a radio signal. The resulting effect is for the signal to be temporarily received in an area where it is usually not heard. This can cause interference and poor reception to local FM radio stations. The interference time period is short, lasting an hour or two, and happens a few days per year. For a more complete and technical explanation, click here.

Contact Us

If you’re still having trouble listening to WTOP, send us a message by clicking here.